In 2020, Samsung's QLED 8K TVs are predicted to be powered by artificial intelligence. The current time pleases with new technology, as ...

Samsung QLED 8K TVs to be released with AI in 2020.

In 2020, Samsung's QLED 8K TVs are predicted to be powered by artificial intelligence. The current time pleases with new technology, as well as Samsung. This year, it introduced an updated QLED 8K lineup with artificial intelligence added to the firmware. Let's try to figure out how useful it is for the consumer.

In addition to the high-definition screen with ultra-thin design and stunning sound, the company has endowed the new branch of smart TVs with artificial intelligence. The ability to view videos with a good picture and sound depth will be available to everyone.


The new technology allows you to improve video quality up to 8K in automatic mode, which will make watching movies and videos with the quality that is not worse than in cinemas. The adaptive image adjusts to any lighting, there will be no more glare, overexposed details on the screen.

  • with the new matrix installed in the QLED line, the viewing angle does not affect the picture quality: the perfect image will be from all angles;
  • the game mode will appeal to fans of spending time in the virtual world.

The TV's adaptive function adjusts to dark scenes and makes walking through the back alleys of the dungeons more impressive. Improved delay technology will make your time in fantasy worlds smoother and smoother, because thanks to it, the response is faster.

Correction function

Plasma AI intuitively adjusts sound to match the footage on the screen, allowing you to immerse yourself in immersive content. If the text in the film is of poor quality, the TV uses the processor to enhance the speech quality; with the help of additional equipment and the use of new technology, the sound will be transmitted from both the TV and the sound bar.

Smart TV

Artificial intelligence technologies are revealed when using Smart TV. The unique SmartHub platform brings together all user preferences: you no longer need to search for your favorite sites and content-placements in different tabs to watch videos and movies. The updated remote will allow you to control the viewing by pressing one key.

Voice assistants Bixby, Google Assistant, Alexa and Alice make it possible to control your TV without using your hands: just set up and ask. Artificial intelligence built into the new plasma allows you to control your Smart Home in a special console: now the presence of separate devices for home control is not necessary.

The addition of features such as Apple TV and AirPlay will allow you to download music, videos, news to your TV from your smartphone, making using your smartphone more convenient and simple. Also, with the help of these functions, images and screensavers of famous artists can be displayed on the plasma screen, which will make TV not only a useful gadget, but also an interior item.

Samsung QLED 8K is presented in three sizes: 65, 75 and 85 inches and has already appeared on the Russian market. Immerse yourself in a stunning world of rich colors, amazing adventures, and the deepest sound available to everyone.

The new Ambient + technology allows the TV to adapt to any interior: with its help the screen adjusts to the surface to which it is attached and installs a screensaver that matches the wall.

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