The free ability to install ringtones on smartphones and other devices determines the demand for shortened tracks. The popularity of mashups...

The best services for cutting music: titles and review.

The free ability to install ringtones on smartphones and other devices determines the demand for shortened tracks. The popularity of mashups combining a selection of several compositions has also increased. To get an edited song or melody, you do not need to do a long search on the Internet or pay money to a specialist. It is enough to use the service for cutting music and quickly create the desired masterpiece with your own hands.

Online services for processing tracks do not require downloading and installation to the memory of a mobile device or computer. Despite the name, the utility supports many formats:

  • mp3, wma, wav;
  • ac3, voc, aac;
  • gsm, ogg, vox;
  • ul, ra, flac.

Doesn't limit file size and slicing duration. Allows you to adjust the gradual rise and fall of the sound volume or evenly amplify it by 2 times. Capable of cutting off edges or pulling out the middle of a track (inversion). Does not require re-uploading the source to the cloud after repeated processing. Can be used as a converter to convert wma, ac3, wav to mp3 format.

The best service for cutting music MP3cut has a high accuracy (up to milliseconds) and an understandable algorithm of work:

  • select the original composition on the device via the "Download" button;
  • set the editing interval by placing scissor markers at the beginning and end of the segment;
  • click "Trim";
  • specify the name of the new file

To successfully complete the procedure, you need to use the "Save" option.


A very simple and completely free online utility adapted for use on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Doesn't require third-party app installation and works directly in a web browser. Allows you to cut sections and erase parts of a track. Good for creating ringtones, sound notifications, alarms. Supports, in addition to mp3, 10 more formats - wav, m4a, wma, 3gpp, aac, aif, m4r, ogg, flac, amr.

The service for cutting music AudioTrimmer loads the source file from the device's memory. To select the part to be edited, movable sliders are provided. Then it remains to use the "Trim" button and download the converted composition back in the desired format. Additionally, there is a decrease or increase in volume effect for smooth transitions during playback.

Online Toolur MP3 Cutter

Allows you to cut out a part of video or audio while saving the resulting result in MP3, AMR, WAV, M4R format. Has no graphic markers. Together they provide for the entry of the start and end times of the track with millisecond precision. If it is necessary to adjust the interval, the built-in buttons "+" and "-" are used.

A special function of increasing and decreasing the volume is supplemented with fields for specifying time stamps, in order to accurately determine the moment when the sound effect starts and ends.


Functional online editors for working with sound, no installation required. Provides authorization through a Google or Facebook profile. Works in all browsers, but maximum speed in Google Chrome. Quickly loads a source track of any format through the "Open" option in the "File" menu item. Allows you to apply cropping and effects. Has a rich collection of samples and sounds for mixing. Has a built-in synthesizer for creating your own music.

The free version of the service for cutting music Soundation saves processed compositions only as sng or wav files. But it's not a problem. Another small online-audio-converter service will quickly convert wav to mp3, M4R, flac. Additional features of the utility allow you to apply fade, fade, and reverse effects.

Free Ringtone Maker

The most simplified online application without unnecessary and confusing settings. At the same time, it is equipped with a duplicated algorithm for selecting the cutting interval using movable markers or time stamps "start" and "end". Has the option of live listening and replay. Loads AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA files for processing. Save the result in MP3 or M4R format. Works in any browser. Doesn't require additional installations and payment. Allows you to adjust the sound volume. Simultaneously processes up to 20 tracks.

The best services for cutting music will not require the user to spend extra resources and memory. They are distributed free of charge and work through the installed browser. One or several audio files are quickly loaded for processing. Equipped with convenient markers for interval selection. Have an option to adjust the sound level. Provide the ability to save tracks in the desired format.

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