Autoclicker is a bot program that was created primarily for computer games. With the development of the Internet, it was more often used to ...

The best autoclickers for your computer that will make it easier to work on it.

Autoclicker is a bot program that was created primarily for computer games. With the development of the Internet, it was more often used to automate advertising clicks, which brought in income. Some office workers also prefer autoclickers. They need them to automate the routine work with tables, filling in materials with the same type of text. Ideal for a work PC with the right settings, it can be up to 50% easier to work with.


The utility automates routine work. Allows to replace actions of the same type. Thanks to automation, the user gets "freedom" from repetitive, monotonous manipulations. The program simulates user actions, controls the mouse and keyboard, initiates the launch of the software, analyzes the screen, writes and reads. For the software to work correctly, you need to write a script. After starting, it remains only to observe the work of the autoclicker.

Additional functionality is available in the application. If the user chooses the scene editor option, he will be able to turn on syntax highlighting and command insertion, configure hotkeys and support the scripting language for routines, loops, variables, and screen analysis. Advantages - no installation required, intuitive interface in Russian.


Thanks to the utility, a scenario of actions is formed. Automation is available for both mouse and keyboard. Having previously set the settings, it is possible to move the cursor without user intervention. Clicker is suitable for gamers, designers, sysadmins, webmasters and anyone who wants to free themselves from routine processes. Additionally, the developers have provided a quick response utility, autocomplete for adding date, time and text.

The presence of several types of interface gives the user the right to choose - simple and advanced versions. The controls are easy. The Russian-language menu makes the tool understandable. The program is available in two versions - paid and free. For the first one you will have to pay about 1 thousand rubles. Its advantage is Skype technical support.


The application will be appreciated by professionals more than ordinary users. The explanation is in a more complex interface. But for advanced users, the program has more functionality than its counterparts. Among the disadvantages is the lack of the ability to record actions. For this reason, you need to set the coordinates and clicks yourself.

But ordinary users, in addition to the interface, are confused by the complex configuration. The advantage is compatibility with any games - both for computer and browser. To perform routine tasks, this utility has few differences from others. What the app can do:

The application's functions extend to simulating keyboard and mouse actions. The application automates the movement of the cursor according to the specified algorithm, clicking in the selected place. It schedules scripts to run, automatically enters text, and edits ready-made scripts. The user just needs to program the sequence and pressing of the output and input devices in the macro.


Despite the release from routine clicks, it is worth observing the operation of the application in order to avoid crashes. The utility is "equipped" with a magnifying glass for correcting cursor movement. The application also provides a function for compiling scripts to EXE and a script launch scheduler. There are two versions available. The free one is limited in functionality - the script stops working after the third minute or five repetitions.

GS Auto Clicker

Serves to stimulate mouse clicking, to bring monotonous work to automatism. The tool saves time and effort when performing boring actions of the same type, and also improves user productivity even when the user is away.


In order for the application to start functioning, it is enough to configure the execution of automatic mouse clicks, which will be activated without the participation of the user and free from unnecessary work. When creating a script, point to different points on the screen for clicks, save the task and execute the launch. The utility does not need to be installed, and the single-window interface is easy to understand.

If you have to repeat the same actions at the computer every day at work, it is advisable to use the help of special utilities - autoclickers. When properly configured, they will provide an office employee with significant freedom of action.

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